Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Status Line

Many of you know that I am a facebook addict.  My favorite feature on facebook is the status line.  Each person can have one status line on their profile at a time, and you can read all of your friends' statuses on one page and comment on them.  They can be updated as frequently as you like, by default they start with your name and "is" (though you can drop the "is").  They range from anything like the syrupy-sweet-look-at-what-a-good-Christian-I-am "Janie is just so thrilled to be singing songs to her boyfriend, Jesus," to one of my favorites, the simple and yet descriptive, "Nancy has to pee."  They are fun because they are a snapshot into your friends' lives - or into what little (or big) facet of it he or she chooses to share. 

I've been known to update my status line a lot.  (Kind of a flashback to the old Learnlink days...ah, Learnlink...)  Some of my best friends say that I have no internal monologue; that is, my "internal" monologue is all processed externally.  Hence the proliferation of status lines.  However, I hold that I do have quite a bit of internal monologue; it's just that my mind doesn't stay still long enough to sort through it all without saying some of it out loud.  (Um, I think that might be the definition of an extrovert with ADD.)  But the point is, there is always, much to my dismay, more going on in my mind than even my jumbled ex/internal monologue - or my status lines - can hold. 

All of that is to say that every night when I go to bed (finally), my mind reels with potential status lines that describe my day and/or my present state of mind.  Sometimes I'm tempted to get out of bed just to update my status line - with several lines at a time.  Like I said, I'm an addict.  However, so far I have managed to stay in bed and sort through them all in my nest of pillows.  But last night it occurred to me that all those lost status lines might make a good blog entry that would, as I said, give you a glimpse into life at home with Becca - and my crazy mind in the midst of it all.  I'm sure there will be sequel entries of this sort, but to start, here are a few of the potential status lines that have drifted in - and out - of my scattered days.

Nancy had no idea that taking a shower was such a privilege.

Nancy appreciated that shower this afternoon but really thought that Becca would have more than 30 minutes of sleep left in her.

Nancy refuses to move the new glider out of the den even though it is in the middle of the floor.  It's so damn comfy!

Nancy walked out to the mailbox in the rain with a broken umbrella, simply to get out of the house for the first time in 2 days, and found only junk mail at the end of the rainbow.

Nancy occasionally remembers that a) her baby survived and b) we elected Barack Obama and is overwhelmed with joy.  Granted, one makes her happier than the other, but both are monumental.

Nancy takes immense joy in decorating her daughter for Christmas.

Nancy is really, really liking this whole Santa gig.  Good thing Becca can't leave the house, or we'd be in major Target debt.

Nancy is quite impressed with Becca's chunky monkey thunderthighs.  We've had to move her out of the newborn diapers just to accommodate them.

Nancy laughs at the "size 1" diapers that creep up darn near Becca's armpits.

Nancy, occasionally, believes that she might just be Superwoman enough to make it all happen.

Nancy is neither the mother, the wife, nor the minister she had hoped she would be.

Nancy counts down the days until she can introduce Becca to all her cousins - especially her very new cousin, Miss Lucy Kate Speas!

Nancy compulsively plans vacations for the non-RSV season.  May - September, here I come!

Nancy really feels Michelle Obama on the whole work/family balance thing.

Nancy wishes the dogs would learn to tell time and not ask for dinner until AFTER 5 p.m.

Nancy is ready to get Becca started on that whole potty training thing.

Nancy is looking for a few good babysitters for Sunday mornings.

Nancy is anxious to try to the whole pregnancy thing again to see if she can get it right this time.

Nancy is not anxious for another baby.

Nancy moves from the living room to the den for a change of scenery.

Nancy contemplates.

Nancy finds something quite satisfying in doing laundry and mixing Becca's milk.  Two of the few chores that have something to show for them at their completion.

Nancy dreads the conversation about dinner.

Nancy wishes desperately that there were a Chick-fil-a in Bethpage.

Nancy very much appreciates her husband bringing her Chick-fil-a from his big trip into Hermitage.

Nancy's dreams change as frequently as her pajama pants.

Nancy loves that she could, essentially, stay in pajamas for 6 days straight.

Nancy is proud of Becca's developmental assessment scores (more on this after we meet with our TEIS coordinator on Friday). 

Nancy does not understand why the doctors want Becca to "catch up" size-wise.  In 10 years, she'll be feeling the pressure to downsize.  Can't we just let her be for now?

Nancy does not miss driving to the hospital, but she misses the hospital.

Nancy does not -at all - miss not living with her baby, but she misses her nurses.

Nancy eagerly awaits packages and is very, very thankful for the invention of the internet and the resulting ease of shopping and entertainment.

Nancy just heard her husband pull into the driveway.  Time for the dreaded conversation about dinner!

That ought to be enough for now!  :)

One more - Nancy finds it ironic that her blog's spellchecker doesn't recognize "blog" or "internet"!


  1. Time for you to join Twitter, you status maniac.

    Really, you should. Me and Aaron and Kallie and Christy are all there. And we could chatter all day.

  2. i love your status updates.
    And i thought about doing a blog post like this.
    i change mine every time i get on faceb00k.

    erin hearts nancy speas hill!

  3. I, too, love statuses and find myself thinking entirely in the third person some days. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. you made me laugh this morning, before i went to bed. and, as a nurse, it is nice to know any of us are missed by patients we have taken care of. :)