Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick thoughts

Becca's doing great and seems to have the pooping thing down now!  She's 4 days away from being on full feeds (meaning all milk and no IV's), and she's gaining weight like a champ!  Last night she was 1 pound, 7 ounces, and she's in a trend of gaining just under an ounce a day - wow!  We also moved over to the Children's Hospital NICU (which is the same level of care, just a different location on the Vandy campus), which is awesome (and includes a private room), but more on the new digs later.  

On an entirely less celebratory note, I'd like to ask you to pray for our friends the Berlin family.  They are members of our church in Louisville, and their 2-year-old son, Henry (but better known as "Buddy"), died in an accident last night.  I can't even begin to imagine what Mark, Tammy, and 4-year-old Greta are going through.  You guys have proven to be a community of prayer, so please make sure to lift them up in this horrible time.  As I've said before, we can't get through tough times without the support of our faith community, both far and near - so let's join together in supporting the Berlins.  Henry's service is Friday.  (You may recognize Tammy's name from the blog comments - she's a part of Becca fan club and a great encourager.)

Thanks, all!


  1. Well, I am happy to hear that Becca is doing so well, but saddened by the news of the Berlin family. My thoughts are with them tonight...I am sure that must be so hard. My love to Mark, Tammy and Greta.

  2. I noticed it said 3:24 a.m. when you posted this note --- do you ever sleep!?? I am so thrilled at Becca's amazing progress - what a little miracle, I'm thinking she's growing up to be president for sure!

  3. Hey there, John and Nancy!!
    I am a member of Christ Church and unfortunately never had the pleasure to meet you, Nancy. However, I got to know John when my mom and I attended John's "Lost Books of the Bible" study a while back. I was so sad when John had his last day at Christ Church...the ENTIRE place was standing in loud applause, to thank him for a terrific job in his time at CCUM. And not long after he left, we received the news that precious Becca was born.
    So...I just found your blog, as I have been so curious as to how you guys are doing! What an amazing blessing it has been for me to read your entire are a gifted writer! (Very funny too)
    I can't be more thrilled to see how well Becca is doing. You now have me addicted to this site! Keep up the good work as wonderful parents, and keep posting the pics.

    Keep the Faith! God is GOOD!
    Amy Quinlan

  4. We check every day to see how Becca is doing. We are so thrilled that she is gaining and taking food.
    We will keep you in our prayers and also ask you to keep us in yours.

  5. Editor's note: The times given on the posts are Greenwich Mean Time, not local time - trust me, if I'm up at 3:30 am it's to pump, not to blog! :)

  6. hey guys...what a champ becca is! i'm leaving for vacation today but i'll catch you when i get back next week...chances are becca will be twice her size by then at this rate! go becca!

  7. It's nice to be in a private room, right? Only the best for Becca! I'm glad to hear that she continues to make progress. Will keep the Berlin family in my thoughts and prayers, as well. Love you and hope we can talk soon!

  8. Glad Becca is doing so well on her feeding. I cannot recall what brought me to your blog, but just realized that you are from Louisville. I live not far from your church in St. Matthews. I am continuing to pray for your beautiful Becca. Thank you also for the opportunity to pray for the Berlin family... I cannot imagine anything so terrible as losing a child.