Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kangaroo Addendum

I forgot to mention one of the coolest things we learned about kangaroo care.  Apparently, it's essentially been done for a long time in countries that don't have the highly developed NICU's we have.  When a preemie is born in a developing country, they often use kangaroo care to keep them warm, and their life depends on it.  Often, the babies will be passed from person to person, including family members and volunteers.  How cool is that?  In this sense, it literally takes a village to raise a preemie!

Here are some pictures of our kangaroo care:






  1. Tears of joy for all three of you.

  2. Great pictures your smiles are infectious!

  3. Oh my gosh! I just found your blog from another girl's blog who I found via my oldest friend in the world's blog (guess who needs to get off the internet and get some work done?!?!) I am so amazed. Talking about weights in grams and making tubes tiny enough... and that photo of her between the two hands in the latex gloves... Wow. Wow. Wow. God is good, not only because He's keeping her going, but because He's keeping you two going. I can't imagine.

    You're a beautiful writer, Nancy! Becca will love to read this one day! You're so strong and positive. My kiddo was only in the short stay nursery for a week, and I found myself sort of removed and factual. Not nearly as comical and human as you are. I admire you tons.

    I'll check in on you often!

  4. Wonderful pictures....wonderful baby....wonderful Mom and Dad.
    All of you are in my prayers....!

  5. She is so beautiful you guys. Can't wait to meet her. Thinking of you guys daily.
    Love, Derek, Suzy, Molly and Emily.

  6. We just found out that Becca was born! Congrats on adding to the family. We're keeping the Speas-Hill clan in our prayers!

    Love, Ron, Celia, Blue, Max, Zach, Lilly (and 2 skinks and a snake)