Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Becca's runway debut

Not much to say today, but I couldn't wait to get these pictures of Becca up so you could see our fancy girl in her favorite purple dress!  In fact, I'm not even waiting for John (the picture guru), so there's no telling whether I'll get these up properly, but it's worth a shot.  This is the dress that Susan Williams gave Becca at her shower, so that Becca can "be the most stylish girl in the NICU."  It's SO stinking cute on her.  As my mom said, "Every girl deserves pretty clothes in her size," so thanks, Susan!   Enjoy the pictures!

(By the way, they restarted Becca's feedings today.  She's again on 1cc of milk every 3 hours.  Let's hope and pray that she tolerates it well and can bump up on her feeds quickly so she can grow like a weed like I know she wants to!  Also by the way, don't worry about the IV in her head in these pictures.  It looks way scarier than it is.  It's just like the IV's that are normally in her arms or legs, but since most of those spots have been used, they've moved to her scalp, where babies' veins are really easy to get to.  She doesn't seen to notice it any more than the other sites, but I hate to see wires practically coming out of her sweet face.  Even though her TPN feedings go in through her PICC line, she still needs IV's for some of her meds and to receive blood when necessary.)



  1. How precious! That Miss Susan is a wonderful lady. Can't wait to see Becca dancing in her dresses.

  2. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I love the dress...she looks so lovely! I am so excited about coming to visit!

  3. she's beautiful, nancy! that dress fits her so well. it's pretty enough to be a party dress.

  4. It's America's Next Top Model!!

  5. Nancy--she has your eyes! What a beauty!! hugs to you all...

  6. This little girl rocks!

  7. These are the most precious pictures I have ever seen!!!
    She's a blessing!
    I also loved seeing you and John in kangaroo care.
    You both wear that "I'm a parent" look so well!!!
    Much love and prayers,

  8. she looks just too cute in that dress.. and you look really well. motherhood fits ya. :) sending love and prayers, jen

  9. Pretty in Purple!!!!!!!!! Shes beautiful!!! My Julie had IV in her head too. she was early also.So keep on keeping on!! Becca you and your family are in our prayers!!!!!!!!!!!