Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick stat update

Just wanted to go ahead and give you this week's statistics update while I'm messing around on here.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for what turned out to be a pretty disheartening visit.  Since the last Tuesday, she had only grown 1/2 an ounce, or about 15 grams.  Now, before you rush to say, "At least she grew!" please keep in mind that if she continued to grow at this pace, she'd only be between 1 and 2 pounds at her due date.  According to the doctor, though, she essentially can't keep growing at this rate; she'll either pick it up or pass away in utero, probably in the next month or so.  They estimated her total weight to be 315 grams, or 11.2 ounces.  Again, she's got to get to 500 grams, or 17ish ounces to be viable.  So we're still suspended, waiting on pins and needles.  On the upside, though, her fluid level was up so much that it's pretty much in the normal range, albeit on the low end of normal.  So perhaps that's an indication of forthcoming growth.  It seems like it should mean that something is picking up, so we'll be anxious to see how she grows this week.  We'll be in Tennessee for Annual Conference Sunday through Wednesday morning, then back to the doctor in Louisville Wednesday afternoon for our last visit with them.  We'll move (hopefully) at the end of the week (or possibly the beginning of the next week) and will (again, hopefully, as long as they can squeeze us in) have our fist visit with the doctors at Vandy that week.  Then we'll start at Bethpage UMC that Sunday (June 22).  I'll try to keep you posted, of course!


  1. I am saying lots of prayers for you. Who knows what TN will bring. Maybe she will grow more once in the South. I have been in the south for my whole life and all I seem to do is get bigger :) Itty bitty might just be holding out for some good southern fried food!

  2. Nancy and John and, of course, itty bitty!

    You all are on my heart today and so I wanted you to know that as I am writing this, prayers are going up on all three of your behalf! What a privilege to be part of your lives at such an amazing time as this.

    God is so good...all the time! My big thoughts from the past week or so have all focused on his Almighty power and grace!

    Having said that, I was amazed the other day at a baby robin sitting outside my kitchen window at the bird bath. It was probably 300 degrees out there and this little baby bird was sitting there with it's little mouth open just waiting for it's mommy or daddy to come and give it some nasty bugs or worms or something. So, I went out to put ice in the water so the little guy could have a cool drink and I frightened it away.

    So, I prayed and asked God to bring him back for a cool drink and to wait for his supper. The All knowing, All seeing, All everything God who we serve heard that prayer and brought that baby bird back to drink the cool water I put out there for him.

    The point of this long story is that it blew me away that the God of the universe hears my prayers and answers them even when they seem so trivial to me! What a a baby robin!

    Putting Itty Bitty's future in those hands has got to give you peace that compares to nothing else known to human kind!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. John and Nancy,

    Welcome home to Tennessee! Your Tennessee family will be here to support you in any way possible. Just don't over do yourself Nancy in Murfressboro at Annual Conference. Hope to see you this weekend. Love you guys,
    Pegggy and Truman

  4. Nancy and John,
    You two and that sweet baby are and have been in our prayers. I know it is a very tough time for you, but we also know that you are being surrounded by God's loving care in many ways. We love you! The McCormicks

  5. Nancy in the midst of all of this you are one of the most amazing, compelling, and inspiring women and writers that I've read. Your honesty, vulnerability, and literary abilities bring me to tears. Thanks for embodying and promoting all the CPE jargon that I love and believe in. I agree with you that God appreciates the truth of how we feel and the reality of how we perceive at the moment. Just know with this kind of talk I'll allow you to be my minister or chaplain any day! Thanks for encouraging me to be a better me. Know that I love you, John, and the itty bitty little girl. Praying for you lots and finally but your card in the mail (it is going to hopefully it will get forwarded if the mail is slow). Much love and grace!

  6. are you here yet? do you need help?

    Love you!