Sunday, March 31, 2013

March for Babies 2013 Shirts

The t-shirts are here!  The t-shirts are here!  Well, not really *here* but here as in, at this link:

In an effort to simplify my life just a touch, I worked through TeeSpring to design the shirts.  Once 30 shirts have been ordered ("reserved") on the website, they will be produced and mailed directly to you fine folks.  They are $15 each, with all proceeds going to support our March for Babies team.  And, really, you NEED a Super Becca shirt.  I promise.  :) If you are local and want to save on shipping, you can pick them up from the church office once they come in.  If you want a shirt, you must order it through the link above by 8 pm CDT on Thursday.  Because we are ordering through this site, I won't be able to sneak in late orders.  

Have at it!  Support our team, spread the message of the March of Dimes, and be inspired by Super Becca wherever you go!

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