Sunday, March 10, 2013

Half Birthday!

Baby James is a whole half now!  At least, that's what Becca calls it.  Last week (or so - second child and all), he passed the 6-month mark, and he continues to be, well, perfect.  Or practically perfect in every way. Or practically perfect in every way except sleeping, particularly at night.  But good enough.

He's bumped around a little bit percentile-wise, but basically he's still a tad on the small side.  (Note: I said "small side" - not "itty bitty side." You know, around 25th percentile-ish.)  With a big head.  But even that was more normal at his last appointment.  He's still The Happiest Baby in the World, as long as somebody is looking at him and smiling.  (Super Dad and I only sometimes count as somebody.  But if it's someone other than us, he's smiling.  Not that he doesn't smile at us or like us - we just aren't as fascinating to him.)

He's working (HARD!)  on a tooth or two.  He's getting good at sitting up if you sit him up.  He's not showing any interest in crawling, and frankly, that's fine by me.  He's still good at spitting up.  His ears are tricky -- already had 2 infections -- but he hears great.  The ear infections led to antibiotics that have led to a raw little tushie, but he doesn't seem to mind that much, though it looks pretty awful.  His tushie is still covered by cloth diapers, and we continue to love them - and not having to spend a quarter every time he poops.

We're still breastfeeding like champs, even though I have now had mastitis FOUR times.  I've recently started taking lecithin supplements to help get that under control, so maybe we won't hit number 5.  Please God, let's not hit number 5.  He's started solid foods and loves them most of the time.  Since he started delicious things like sweet potatoes and (delicious according to him - EW) peas, he doesn't want to have much to do with his rice cereal.  I think part of it is that he doesn't like cold food, so I'm going to try warming it and see what happens.  But does he really need the cereal if he eats other food?  You tell me.

What I do know is that it is SOMUCHFUN to feed a baby who likes to eat.  I pick up the spoon, put food on it, and he opens his mouth.  Just like that!  Like he WANTS me to put the food in his mouth!  It's amazing - and makes me realize that Becca had feeding issues from the VERY beginning of solid foods.  I wish I had caught that and started feeding therapy earlier.  That might have saved a LOT of stress on our part, a lot of pressure on her part and possibly even the feeding tube.  But kicking ourselves over it does nothing.  But I'm certainly enjoying a kid who enjoys food.

James and Becca continue to be in love with each other.  Becca even tells me that she's going to marry Baby James when she grows up.  Why wouldn't she?  Daddy and I are married to each other - so of course we marry people in our family.  Too funny.  There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing them laughing and smiling at each other.  I pray that it continues when he starts crawling and stealing her Squinkies.  (Which, by the way, she won't take out of her room anymore because she doesn't want him to put them in his mouth and "get dead" from choking on them.  She's a good baby-proofer.)

Hopefully I'll remember to add some pictures to this post before it publishes - but if I don't, feel free to hound me.  Trust me, you want to see this handsome little man.  :)

p.s. I'm getting a LOT of spam comments, so I'm disabling anonymous comments.  Shouldn't be a big deal - just sign in with any Goggle log in to comment.  You don't have to sign up for Blogger specifically or anything.

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  1. Hey, I know that rolly little monkey-ball! :) So glad to hear good news from your house. :)