Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gender Guesses?

As I mentioned yesterday, we have an OB appointment tomorrow.  In addition to the AFP/Quad Screen tests that we'll draw blood for, we'll have another ultrasound.  (We have ultrasounds at each visit to check for growth.  So far, so good.)  There's a pretty decent chance that we'll get a glimpse of the wee one's wee parts tomorrow...so make your guesses now: boy or girl?  Vote at the poll to the right.

Just so you can make an informed decision, Becca is 100% certain that the booger is a girl because it's growing in MY tummy.  If it were a boy, it would grow in Daddy's tummy.  Which makes perfect sense.

Though this is an exciting ultrasound (aren't they all?), the more important one comes up at 18 weeks, when they will use the better machine to do a full anatomy scan, counting heart chambers, etc.  If we don't find out the gender tomorrow, we'll most likely find out then - but at that point, I'll probably be more concerned about all the organs being present and accounted for.  :)

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  1. She cracks me up. I'm so glad that right now, anyway, things are looking good. I hope this pregnancy is picture perfect all the way to 38 or 39 weeks. :) (don't want you to get too uncomfortable.)