Sunday, February 12, 2012

MFM Appointment

Yo.  It's Sunday night, which means that this children's minister is super duper tired (and in the habit of saying things like "super duper"), so I'm gonna be brief.  At least for me. 

We saw the MFM doc for the first time last Monday.  Well, the first time for THIS pregnancy, of course.  We were able to get in to see Dr. Carpenter, who is one of our favorites in the Vandy MFM group.  She's oddly hilarious in the way she throws around technical jargon but super friendly, and once again, we decided that we are very, very lucky to be fairly bright people, given the amount of medical information we have learned to digest over the past four years.  (Seriously, I don't know how anyone without an above-average-ish IQ can keep up with these doctors, let alone wade through the massive amount of paperwork dealing with insurance, SSI, special ed., etc.)  So we learned some new technical things, but the gist of it is that she really likes Dr. Sizemore (my regular OB, whom she helped train), agrees with everything he is doing, trusts him to monitor me closely, and doesn't need to see me back until/unless there is a problem.  Fabulous!  We like doctors and all, but we see plenty of them, really. 

We did get some pretty shots of the gummy bear on their fancy schmancy ultrasound machine...that I apparently cannot scan on our fancy schmancy printer.  I'll send SuperDad in here to see if he can do it.  There's a really cute one wherein the little Booger is waving at all the Itty Bitty Hill readers!

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