Monday, June 6, 2011

Update on Mommy

Remember how I keep telling you that there is so much exciting going on in our lives and oh won't it be great when I actually tell you and wow what a creative way of sharing news and oh aren't we happy about it?  Apparently my internal hype about the amazing post I'm going to write keeps me from actually writing anything.  Which gets us nowhere.  Welcome to my life.*  So I'm just going to very mundanely tell you what's going on with me. 

First off, I am done working at the March of Dimes, which is kind of sad.  It would be really sad if I weren't going to continue to be involved with them and their wonderful staff, but of course I will be.  Remember my kid whose life they helped save?  Yeah, that one.  I'll be around.  

It would also be really sad if I were stressed out about being unemployed.  But I'm not.  'Cause I'm not.  Unemployed that is.  At least not for long...because as of July 1, I will be the Minister to Children and Families at Christ UMC!  What's that you say?  That name sounds familiar?  That's because I waxed eloquent about it in this post when SuperDad was appointed there as the Associate Pastor!  That's right; John and I will have the pleasure (mostly pleasure, at least) of working at the same church again!  And what a church it is!  Over the past year, I've come to love it more and more, so much so that when I began talking with the district superintendent about taking an appointment at another church, I cried real tears.  I'm THRILLED to be working with children again, and now that I'm a parent, I think I have an even greater understanding of the role a church can play in a child's life.  When Becca first sees the church come into view over the hill, she points at it and says, "Dere's da church!"  She's so excited every single time she sees it.  And as a double pastors' kid, she sees it a lot.  :)  My prayer is that she always sees the church as a place of welcome, love and fun, like she does now.

The downside to all of this is that the reason there is an opening for me on the staff is that our dear, dear, dear Ms. Kristin (our current children's minister, who is better known in our house as "Miss Sissen") is leaving to take another appointment as the Associate Pastor at another church in town.  So the good news is that they aren't moving moving, just moving churches.  The bad news is that we won't get to see as much of Miss Sissen and Crazy Uncle Brady, both of whom Becca adores.  I haven't actually broken the news to Becca yet.  Imagine hearing that one of your good friends is moving, and your mom is taking her place...I mean, I know Becca loves me and all, but I am no Miss Sissen.  I do have visions of playdates with Miss Sissen and her little baby, due in December!  

And speaking of babies, that's the other bit of mommy-related news.  We will soon be beginning and cycle of IUI - intrauterine insemination.   I'll be on a few meds and will go in frequently for monitoring.  The day after I ovulate, they will do the procedure and voila, 2 weeks later, I pee on a stick and get a plus sign.  Or that's the goal, at least.  Because I've been on fertility meds for so long, we're not going to get many chances at this (probably only the one), so please send any kind thoughts, prayers, well-wishes, you-can-do-its directly to my uterus.  We really want this to happen.  I really want a baby.  I know there are other ways to have another child, but I really want to have one this way.  I mean, not necessarily in this manner, but I would like to carry and birth my child.  If it doesn't happen, we'll be okay and will move on eventually, but we really, really, really want me to get pregnant.  

I think that's about it.  Sorry there are no cute pictures, but I doubt you want pictures of that last bit anyway.  We do have lots of cute pictures of Becca at the beach, but alas, they are stuck in the camera at the moment.  Someday, though, you will see photographic evidence of Becca tolerating sand on her hands without "signs of distress," as we call it in therapy-talk.  See, the beach is healing for all of us.   Not sure why I can't get I prescription for that.

* Have you heard the bit about how procrastinators are actually fairly often perfectionists?  We get so caught up in worrying about whether or not our work is going to be perfect that we avoid doing it.  And that would be me in a nutshell.  Cue Austin Powers in a nutshell.  


  1. No, this is me in a nutshell [pushes arms around]. Help, I'm in a nutshell and can't get out.

    But seriously, congratulations on the new role. I'm so excited for you! And I'll be sending lots of sticky baby vibes your way, madam. Hugs!

  2. I love you but I'm going to send my prayers directly to God rather than to your uterus, no offense.

  3. In the latest post on my blog, I mentioned praying for friends at the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem. You were one of those friends. My prayers continue.

    Also, congratulations on a new adventure!

    Love you,

  4. Oh Nancy, this may not be a good sign for the Children's ministry at CUMC because the the last paragraph pretty sums me up too! We are all in trouble!!! : ) Can't wait to work with you!

  5. Love the last paragraph! Congrats on your new job. God is so good! I know I'm just a follower on your blog but I just want you to know that I will be praying you will soon get pregnant. I have a friend that getting pregnant is not an option so they started the adoption process and will hopefully be bringing home their baby girl Amber Joy from Twain in July. We are so excited for them! Many prayers to you and your family.

  6. I am the same kind of procrastinator. I am also the same kind of messy-house-haver (seriously! It's a condition! :)).

    SOOOO excited for your new position. I can think of no one better suited (and sure Becca will agree :)).

    I must say it's the first time I've been asked to send thoughts directly to someone's uterus, but hey - you got 'em. And the prayers, too :)

  7. Congrats on the new gig! I am sending positive thoughts your way with regards to the pregnancy thing:) You deserve everything you want in this life:)

  8. Much love and prayers for all three of you Hill people. I pray that you're able to have another baby, but I know that whatever happens, you'll handle it with grace and humor. (--Shannon M.)