Monday, March 7, 2011

Off the Charts... where we usually fall.  But check this out:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in her life, Itty Bitty Becca is ON THE GROWTH CHART FOR HEIGHT!*  6th percentile!  Wohoo!  That means that she's taller than 5% of other kids her actual age!  Now - this measurement was taken at her weigh in last Wednesday, and you've heard me talk about how these measurements are not exactly scientific.  This particular measurement had Becca growing an inch in a week, so it's probably a generous measurement, but, still she's been trending upward relatively sharply lately, so even if she drops off the chart this week, I expect she'll be back on it soon.  

Seriously, y'all, this is crazy awesome.  When I say this is the first time she's been on the chart in her life, I mean LIFE in the most pro-lifer sense you can imagine.  Her very first measurements were taken at 8 weeks gestation.  She was a little smaller than expected then, so they adjusted my due date to 4 days later, even though I can still tell you to the hour the day that she was conceived.  (Don't worry; I won't.)  So she was essentially 4 days too short then.  (Normally, I wouldn't think of an ultrasound that early being behind, but since a few weeks later she was significantly behind, I think (in retrospect) we were seeing her poor growth pattern that early.)  At 17 weeks, she was a full 2 weeks behind.  When she was born at 28 weeks, she was 9-10 weeks behind on length (and slightly less behind on weight and even slightly-er less behind on head circumference).  

And of course, since she formally became a baby, she's been off the charts.  Literally.  As in, if you tried to plot her height and weight (particularly height) on a standard growth chart (or on one for preemies that has the 3rd percentile line marked), there are not lines on the graph on which to put her dot.  (And I don't mean the growth curve line.  I'm talking about the actual grid.)  

But here she is, standing tall at 34 inches and ruling the 6th percentile!  Take that, IUGR!  And big thanks to you, growth hormone "pokes"!  Her weight is still waaaaay down there (note in the photo that it says "< 3rd percentile" - that's the lowest interpretation they put there - so it doesn't mean that she's in the 2nd percentile or anything).  She's in 9-12 month clothes on weight but 2T in height, and that does make finding clothes for her challenging, but heaven knows I've managed to assemble a wardrobe with 1 or 2 things in it for her.  :)  But still...

Watch out, world.  Becca Hill just may hit 5 feet yet!

*She's been tracking in the very low percentiles for head circumference for a while now - that's the asymmetrical part of her asymmetrical intrauterine growth restriction.  


  1. Another awesome milestone for our sweet little girl!

  2. Nancy, I have always known that Becca was itty bitty, but I just realized how itty bitty she is for a two-year-old. Simon, at 7 months, had to come out of his infant car seat because he weighed 22 pounds. Granted he is a CHUNK, and she is five inches taller than he is, but I think every once in awhile, your friends who don't actually *see* you (we're gonna remedy that, by golly!) have to see something like this to get it. Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, way to GROW, Becca!

  3. That is FANTASTIC!!! What a great post, too, by the way. I busted out giggling at least five times :)

  4. My daughter Emily was born full term but she has what they termed as failure to thrive due to her body fighting infections in her lungs. Her lungs still are not healthy and she still fights to stay well now that she is a teenager. She is still tiny and hates it. I remember the first time she made it to the 5th percentile for weight but she is still not on the chart for height and she probably will never be since I'm (her mom) only 4ft 10. Congrats to your baby!