Monday, March 14, 2011

The Big Reveal

If you read this blog regularly, I'm pretty sure that you'd LOOOOVE to have a t-shirt like this:

Pretend with me, if you will, that the background is all the same color: Gildan's Blue Dusk t-shirt, which seems appropriate for Becca's astronaut t-shirt.  I'm still working on getting this design in a usable format for the t-shirt guy (a.k.a. THE Chuck Catterton).  If you are a design genius (or at least an advanced beginner, which is way ahead of me!), let me know if you'd like to lend your brain cells to this problem. 

But here's your chance to become a card-carrying (er...t-shirt wearing?) member of Itty Bitty Becca's Team 2011!  Like last year, we're selling the t-shirts to raise money for our March for Babies team.  Each shirt will be $15, and we'll kids - adults (XXL at least) available.  I'm still working out the details, so bear with me.  (Kids' shirts may be a few $$'s cheaper, and I may be able to set up a PayPal account to accept t-shirt payments instead of sending checks like last year.)  About 1/2 of the purchase price will be a donation to the March of Dimes, and I'll provide you a receipt for that portion.  (The exact amount depends on the final quantity and cost of the shirts.) 

What I need from you now, though, is your orders!  Please leave a comment (or send me an e-mail) with the number and sizes of shirts that you will need.  I'm placing my order based on your orders (since we can't afford to hang on to a lot of inventory), so you've got to reserve your shirt in order to get one.  I'm happy to mail them to you, but I'll have to charge you for postage - I'll give you a more specific amount when I start collecting checks, but I think it was about $2 a shirt last year.   

Last year we had people in at least 8 states wearing Itty Bitty Becca shirts - how cool is that?!  Let's see if we have have even more states celebrating the "aaah-naut" Becca and spreading the message about preemies! 

And this year we've got a new t-shirt opportunity!  This design will be on the front of the shirt, but we are signing up team sponsors who will have their logos on the back of the shirt!  For $150, your company, organization, etc. can be an official sponsor listed on the team shirt.  OR - for $200, your company can have a route sign along the March for Babies walk route, where it will be seen by the thousands of walkers - last year, we had 6,000 participants!  OR OR - if you love a great deal, like I do, for $250, you can get on the back of the shirts AND have a route sign!  The entire sponsorship fee is tax-deductible.  If you are interested, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail to SpeasHill (at)

Of course, if you'd prefer to skip the t-shirt and make a donation directly to our team, visit

Thanks, and let me know if you have questions!

p.s. Sorry I've been so lackidasical about blogging about the actual Becca.  Work has been crazy and, oh yeah, I started training for a triathlon.  And I'm co-chairing Vacation Bible School this year because I'm a little bit crazy.  And I'm loving it all.  But I will try to get you some Becca updates (and pictures!) soon!


  1. Beautiful design!! We'll take a medium and a large.

  2. We'll take a Small and a Large for Adults and a 2T and 4T for the kiddos.

  3. Can't wait to wear a medium please!

  4. I want one, too. I may have others. I'll let you know.

  5. Sign me up for a medium!

  6. (If you are unable to get toddler sizes, I'll take two XSs for my munchkins. Thanks!)