Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Report Cards

Becca LOVES school, which she very adorably calls "tool". She loves her friends (one of whom is an old NICU buddy! Let's hear it for Pod E!), she loves her teachers, she loves the toys, she loves the playground, she loves everything about school. If you ask her, she'll tell you that she wants to go to school every day. (Right now she goes for 2 hours on one morning.) Which is one reason I am furiously trying to find a job. (No 2nd income = no $ for school...though I wouldn't mind all the free time!)

Because Becca's school (W.A.V.E.S.) is a special instruction classroom for Tennessee Early Intervention, she has an Individualized Family Service Plan with goals, outcomes, etc. (It's the toddler version of an IEP.) We need to do some updating on her goals (especially regarding snack time!), but right now her school goals are:
  1. Initiate social contact with others during 2 play activities.
  2. Use words and gestures to communicate wants and needs during 2 classroom activities.
  3. Walk independently from place to place during 4 classroom routines. (This includes stepping from surface to surface on the playground.)

We get a progress report every month, and this month I was excited to see that she is doing each these things "all of the time" with "very little help." What a big girl!

What I love most about these progress reports, though, is the few sentences her teachers write to summarize her progress. Here's what this month's note said:

"PROGRESS: Becca continues to become more active in the classroom, moving from place to place in order to participate in a variety of activities. She uses words to request and to identify objects, pictures and people when asked and approaches friends to join play activities."

Here's what I hear/see when I read it:

"PROGRESS: Becca is the most adorable child ever. She is very independent and is walking everywhere! She is a genius and enjoys sharing her genius with her many friends in class. We just want to squeeze on her all day long!"

I know it's no summa cum laude or anything, but I couldn't be prouder!

I could be out of control by the time she gets to kindergarten!


  1. That's exactly how I read it, too. Yay, Becca!

  2. I think your assessment is spot on! Glad she is doing so well.

  3. YAY Becca!!! BTW, we need a Becca fix soon. Haven't seen you in too long!

  4. sounds spot on. I read that the exact same way.