Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Naked Chef

My apologies to Jamie Oliver, but this is too cute not to share...

And on a proper developmental note, we are seeing Becca play pretend with things more and more. I'm sure I had to eat whatever it was she was preparing in the kitchen. It is not at all unusual to have to do everything that we do to/with Becca to/with Puppy or Elmo. And it's beyond adorable when she makes them dance or ride her bike. (Yes, a bike...more on that after Thanksgiving when she officially receives it!)

Here's a picture of snacktime with Puppy. He HAD to sit in the highchair, and he HAD to have Cheerios.

She sat in the big girl chair (on top of a large cookbook - thanks, Aunt Susie! :) ) and also ate Cheerios.


  1. That's an adorable tiny hiney!

  2. I love every bit of this. She is such a mess. I wonder where she gets it...? ;)