Sunday, August 29, 2010


Breaking news: Becca just kissed a french fry dipped in barbecue sauce - twice!

This is huge, folks. Huge. Super progress.

After the kisses, she kind of licked the sauce off her mouth and made the funniest expression I've seen in a long time - kind of a what-the-hell-is-this-stuff-in-my-mouth-wait-I-might-like-it look. Wish I had a video camera in my eyes so I could share it with you now. Then she was "a-done" with french fries completely, but still willing to eat "appah" (translation: apple, though the fruit in question is really a peach).

Moral of the story? Despite what the nutritional facts tell you, a little bit of McDonald's does a body good.

p.s. "Whoa!" is now one of Becca's favorite in, "whoa!" I almost slammed my fingers in the door, etc.

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