Friday, March 26, 2010

March for Babies T-shirts!

I am now taking preliminary orders for Itty Bitty Becca's Team March for Babies t-shirts. Woohoo!

We are still tweaking the graphics and shirt colors, but some of that depends on how many we sell - so if you are interested, please take a minute and let me know how many and what sizes you would like! You can either send me an e-mail to SpeasHill(a) or leave a comment with the the number and sizes that you would like and your e-mail address. Cost will be within a few dollars of $12, with more than half of that going to the March of Dimes. You'll have a chance to confirm your order once I get the final price set, but reserving yours now will help me tremendously. Check out the awesome artwork Dianne Beard Vallier has been working on:

Isn't that awesome?! It's so fun to have wildly talented friends. The pictures on the right aren't to scale on the shirts - the ruler runs 9.5 inches (you know, Becca's length at birth). Feel free to chime in regarding t-shirt colors, as that isn't decided yet.

By the way, if you are walking with us, I'm happy to provide you with shirts to wear at cost (which will be somewhere around $5-6). Still send an e-mail or leave me a comment so I can keep track of what we need to order!



  1. like nancy like. hot pink good too. Put me down for one, whatever color they end up being. :)Sara B. Smith

  2. Um. I would like your child's photograph to be on it. :P

  3. yes, please. Sign me up. I like the purple, but that seems to be a prominent color in my wardrobe now (it's the color for DV awareness), so feel free to choose another. :) How about Tennessee Orange, for the smallest baby in TN?

  4. I like it- would like it not to be dark purple- had a roommate in college who was obsessed with purple- so everything we had was that color- down to plates and curtains... light purple would be acceptable. ; ) But seriously- I'll wear anything that supports you and Becca (and john!)- so sign us up- one for the whole fam-damily. j-xxl, s-l, h-s?

  5. I want a shirt. Size Medium!!! I love Miss Becca and will gladly support!

  6. Courtney Preston KellnerMarch 28, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Matthew and I would love to support our sweet Hills and sweet lil Becca! If they are standard adult men's sizes then we will need a small and a large. (If there are girlie sizes I need a medium!)

    Colors? I am huge fan of yellow. So bright and happy!

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