Saturday, March 20, 2010

Becca's First Haircut!

One of my favorite things about living in Bethpage is visiting our few local businesses. (If you haven't been to Bethpage, you may not understand how amazing it is to have something close by - such a treat!) My two favorites (okay, the only two I know about other than the post office) are Steve Graves tire shop and Jody Harwell at Hairstylin'. Steve has actually come to the house, picked up my car, taken it back to the shop, changed the oil and rotated the tires, and brought it back to the house, just so I didn't have to mess with carting Becca around and walking back to the house with her (which isn't very far away). How sweet is that?! Jody is so accommodating, especially when I call and basically ask if I can come over immediately. And it's always fun to see her pygmy goats and plot ways to sneak a pair home past John. Not to mention that she gives a great haircut at a great price! She chopped 10 inches off my hair last week, and I feel like a whole new woman! (Okay, maybe not a whole new woman, but it did cut a few minutes off my shower time and hopefully a cancer patient (or two - you should have seen the ponytail!) will get a pretty wig!)

But before my chop, it was Becca's turn in the chair! She was getting the baby mullet, and I was not okay with it! Jody trimmed her up, and I can tell that it's growing out getter already. Pigtails, here we come! Here are pictures from her first haircut, courtesy of Blake Harwell, age 9 (or so - I forget!). Enjoy!
Becca loved the comb!

The finished product:
I don't think she enjoyed my haircut as much as hers!
(This handy-dandy contraption, by the way, is called a Pop-a-Tot and folds up like a camp chair. I use it nearly everyday! Becca's happy hanging out in it in our room with an Elmo video while I take my shower. You can order one at

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  1. Okay, we know Becca is cute, but where are the Momma pictures? Huh? :D