Sunday, February 21, 2010

Becca's Fort

We do still have our normal moments. Every week (usually Fridays, when he tries to take the day off from church work), John takes a turn being the primary parent so that I can get a break, see a friend, get out of the house, get some things done, or sleep in. Sometimes it's a few hours, sometimes it's the whole day; sometimes I'm around for it and joining in the fun, sometimes I'm out. Becca's in a bit of a mommy phase right now, so I think John sometimes has more fun with her when I'm not around to be a distraction, though, of course, we do have plenty of fun as the five of us (because those darling mutts are never far away). Here's a glimpse into a recent daddy-daughter day around here. [Note: on daddy-daughter days, John is not babysitting. You babysit someone else's child. You parent your own. Responsible and adorable daddies of the world, unite! You are full parents, too!] Okay, now on to the video. Check out the footnotes below.

Some of my favorite things about this video:

1. Becca burying her face in the satin pillowcase. Becca loves to feel things with her face - everything from blankets and stuffed animals to the buttons on the t.v. It's really amusing. Can you guess from the video what she most likes to face-snuggle with? This need to explore textures with her face is probably related to her sensory issues, but it doesn't seem to cause problems - just more entertainment. It's something to keep in mind, though, because often kids with sensory issues need more sensory input to calm down, so giving her textures to explore can help ease transitions, etc.

2. Saying "hi." You've heard it before, but here she is rocking out on the diphthong. That's our Southern girl!

3. Did you notice when John asked her a question and you immediately saw the top of her head? She's learning to nod, and in typical Becca fashion, she's going all out. We're talking a reared-back to chin on the chest nod. It's emphatic. And also amusing.

4. When Becca pinches her fingers together and taps them, she's signing "more." Becca uses several signs really regularly. She'll sign "more" whenever she wants something (the trick is figuring out what she wants!), in addition to "please," "all done," "milk," and "eat." She's even learned "potty," and will occasionally use it without prompting. Usually I'll ask her if she's going potty, and she'll respond with the sign, but the other day, she used the sign on her own to tell me she was going potty! We're reading our potty books and occasionally playing with it. She also took her diaper off after her nap yesterday, so even though she's on the young side, we might not be too far off from the potty training adventure!

5. You also see Becca face-planting and falling backwards. She loves to tumble on anything soft. Actually, she loves to tumble, and we just make sure it's on something soft. Sometimes she'll face-plant and lie there for a minute or two, like she's just got to take a little break before jumping back up to play some more. Also amusing.

6. And what is her favorite object on which to face-plant? Lamby, of course! Becca looooves Lamby - so much so that it's time to buy an identical one so that we can wash her when she gets stinky. She loves to rub Lamby on her face and to hug her. If she ever tumbles on something not soft or otherwise hurts or scares herself, she's got to have Lamby and a paci to snuggle with...and a mommy or a daddy. Thanks, Denise - you knew Lamby would be a hit!

7. How much John and Becca adore each other. Seriously. A pillow fort on the bed and a lot of tickling, smiling, and laughing. I love it.


  1. What a wonderful video! Becca is truly darling.

    I love your comment about Becca's days with her Dad are not "babysitting" days. I have never really understood the idea of a parent "babysitting" their own child.

  2. She is SOOOOO cute!!! My daughter (23 mos) loves the pictures and videos you post of Becca. She too is at the early beginning of potty training. It's so exciting, yet also sad (to me at least, as mommy)because my little baby is growing up and trying to be a big girl.

  3. She is adorable. I would not have survived if it had not been for signing. My daughter did not say anything but Ma Ma and Da Da until after she turned 2. This is a great way to keep the frustration level down for baby and parent!

  4. L. O. V. E. this child. (my future daughter in law)