Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(Almost) Speechless

Holy crap. Team Becca scores another miracle. Becca is NOT losing her TennCare. I just opened the letter, saw that John and I don't qualify (um, since we didn't even apply for it!), and thought it was talking about Becca, too. Turn the page over and....bam! "Rebecca Hill qualifies for TennCare Medicaid." Beautiful. She qualifies under rule blah blah blah - seriously looks like a serial number. Frankly, I don't care HOW she qualifies. Point is, she's covered! Hooray!


  1. Yay for Becca! That is amazing that that happened.

  2. That is go great! WE fought them for 3 months before they finally decided we were really loosing it. Just remember if it comes down to it send $1.00 to every unpaid medical bill every 30 days and live life.

  3. Best news so far this year! I'm totally stunned and so happy for you guys.

  4. Wonderful news! I am SO happy for you!!!!!!

  5. Hi Nancy, Colleen Finnerty referred me to your blog. I have a little guy Charlie who is having eating issues, and when she heard, she said I should look you up!

    He was born 8 months ago at 1 lb 6 oz at 30 weeks and I've read a bunch of your posts with great interest. Becca is SUCH a cutie!!

    We just got officially diagnosed with an oral aversion and saw an OT for feeding this week for the first time. I am very hopeful about this. She was wonderful. We also have a PT, and about a billion specialists, as I see you do too!
    (You can reach me at my blog babycharliesadventure.blogspot.com or megan.crain@gmail.com)

  6. That is AMAZING!!!!! I love to see all the wonderful ways the Lord is providing for you guys and for Becca's needs. So happy to hear the great news!