Friday, November 6, 2009

Helmet Check - Month 2

Becca has been in her helmet for just over two months now. We're pretty happy with the results so far, though we didn't see as much change this month as last month. We saw Dr. Kelly on Wednesday and both he and Kathleen, the technician at Restorative Health that usually sees Becca, were really happy with how she has responded so far. What do you think?

August 27:

November 4:

It's slow going, and since she is older than most helmet babies, we may not get an entire 6 months of use out of the helmet, but Dr. Kelly thinks that we will continue to see results for at least another 2 months. Big thanks to Nana Dana and G-Diddy for making the helmet therapy possible!

While we're talking about Becca's head...I measured her head circumference last night, and according to my (unskilled) measurements, she actually ON the growth chart for her adjusted age (13+ months). At 17 inches, she is close to the 5th percentile line. Of course, neither of her other measurements is anywhere near being on the chart, but that's another post. Clearly, though, she needs a big head to hold that Speas-Hill brain. She's a genius!


  1. I think I can see a difference. :)


  2. I can see a big difference. Glad it is working. She would be precious no matter what shape her head was though.