Sunday, November 1, 2009

Butterfly in the Sky...

Did you hear that the last new episode of Reading Rainbow aired this month? How sad! In honor of my favorite kids' show, Becca was a butterfly for Halloween. Okay, it might have just been in honor of my loving butterflies, but whatever. It was super-cute. We had our own little mini Halloween party at Aunt Lauren's - lots of fun. Here's my little butterfly!

And even though I didn't torture the dogs with their costumes this year, Sasha joined in the fun. (And I'm not ruling out the idea of dressing them all up for a photo shoot - my little butterfly, ladybug, and bumble bee!) She's wearing Becca's back-up antennae, which we ended up not using since her headpiece actually fit over her helmet. Yay for stretchable fleece!


  1. oh wow... what a CUTE costume!!! Becca makes a pretty cute little butterfly!