Monday, July 13, 2009

Front Page News

13 ounces at birth, Becca is Tennessee's tiniest baby to survive

13 ounces at birth, Becca is Tennessee's tiniest baby to survive

"No one was expecting Becca — who was born 12 weeks early at Vanderbilt children's hospital — to live. But the feisty baby proved them all wrong. Becca recently celebrated her first birthday, making the now-13-pound little girl the tiniest baby born in Tennessee to survive."

Nashville's paper, "The Tennessean," caught wind of Becca story around her birthday, and today she's on the front page!  Claudia interviewed us last week (amid mission and beach trip preparations!), and I think she did a good job capturing our story and Becca's personality.  Be sure to check out the online article with the audio slideshow - you can even her Becca making the Becca noise in the background.  Here's the link:

 But she's also at (Knoxville's paper)

and,2933,531981,00.html .

(Yes, my daughter is on Fox News.  I'm okay with it.  But who would have thought...?)

I love our famous little diva!


  1. Great article! I am overwhelmed when I start to think of it... what a MIRACLE!

  2. So very amazing! Now that I'm used to getting updates on her, it's so easy to forget how hopeless her case seemed at the beginning. And here she is now, looking like a very cute baby rather than an alien! Congratulations on making it through this year, y'all!

  3. the article was awesome! I LOVED the picture of her with the sunglasses, she is so stinkin cute!!