Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Becca Learns to Say "No"

Okay, I can't figure out how to post a video in Wordpress (looks like I have to pay to upgrade - like I'm going to do that!), but I think I've got it up on YouTube.  Check it out and see what happens when you try to give Becca vegetables.  She's my girl, all right!

Apparently the dogs wanted to eat the mixed vegetables.

On our trip through South Carolina, though, we discovered something new that Becca does like to eat: brown rice from Doc Chey's.  Check out this video:

So the feeding struggle continues...but with more feeding and less struggle.  We're making progress!

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  1. I couldn't figure out how to just email you. I am I mom of a "little person". I can't help but see that our daughters have many of the same characteristics. check out my blog

    tell me what you think. It is nice to find someone that shares a connection.