Sunday, May 18, 2008

One more thing for tonight...

I just reread my post and realized I never mentioned that the first detailed ultrasound showed that our baby girl does NOT have Spina Bifida.  Anatomically, she's looking great - just tiny.  The hormone levels in the blood test were likely up because of the size of the placenta (and these elevated hormones may also explain the intensity and duration of my nausea compared to the average pregnancy).  So that's great news that was somewhat lost in the midst of the uncertainty about her.  Sorry to leave it out!


  1. We love you all. The Teegarden's will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God is in control.

  2. Nancy, thanks so much for telling me about this blog! My love and prayers continue to be with you, John, and baby girl!


  3. Great recap. Over the past few weeks I have become a big believer in prayers. Our little miracles came as we ended up on more prayer lists. We will increase our efforts on your behalf. Even Donald & Taylor.