Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I know, I know...

Surely you're not surprised that I'm inconsistent in my blogging.  But I've got another 15 minutes before Jen picks me up from my fourth-to-last day at the hospital, so I'll try to fill you in a little bit.

Last time I wrote, we were on our way to the beach for, I think, one of the most well-deserved vacations ever.  It did not disappoint.  Thanks to the generosity of one of our favorite Christ Church families, we had a free place to stay in Gulf Shores, right on a little bay that was calm and gorgeous.  John's parents joined us for a few days, and then as they left Sarah and Jason Snow (friends and former roommates from seminary) flew in.  Sarah's due four days before I am, and she is one of the most adorably pregnant women I have ever seen, which will surprise none of you who know her.  I do feel for the boys, though, who were stuck in the house with two very pregnant and hormonal women.  We had our moments.  ;)  The boys were wise, though, and kept the ice cream coming, so all was well.  After several days of stuffing my face with shrimp and ice cream (not at the same time and thanks to the Hills), hitting the Carter's store at the outlet mall for preemie clothes (also thanks to Nana Dana, of course), sitting on the beach and rereading Harry Potter, we had to call it quits to come back to the real world.  I popped into Walgreen's every so often to take my blood pressure, which dropped pretty dramatically - from 150/100 to 138/83.  Clearly, I should spend the rest of this pregnancy at the beach.  We've talked to our doctor about that, and he agreed, so long as we could take the entire office with us.  All we need are a few more free beach houses. 

Wow!  Jen just called, and she must have finished bartending school early, because she's here to pick me up!  That's all I've got for now, then - probably not the update you were looking for, but isn't it nice to think about a week at the beach right about now?  I'll try to pick back up tonight - after we see the new Indy movie!


  1. You are killing me! The suspense...

  2. You're telling me. Welcome to our world! :)

  3. I think I should spend the rest of your pregnancy with you at the beach. Pick you up?