Tuesday, May 3, 2011

School Picture Day!

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  1. I love her sweet dress and her sweet dimple, too!

  2. It is hard to imagine that she has grown up like this. She looks so precious.Give her a hug from Uncle Bob and Aunt JoAnn.

  3. This is my daughter's story. She's 12 now!! www.angelfire.com/my/elizabethgrace/

    It looks like she'll grow to her full genetic potential which is not more than 5'3" probably (my height- which is taller than both my sisters & mother, 5ft). Her sister is 24yrs old also IUGR but 40 weeks. She was a bigger girl at 5lbs 13oz & 18". She made it to 4'11".

    Oh, I wanted to say that my 12yr old met her first peer that was smaller than her at 8yrs old. (She's only met 2 at this point). Still most everyone is 3-5 inches taller than she is.

    I'm also a PCOSer - I got PG with my 12yr old after Glucophage!! It was JUST approved for treatment for PCOS - not yet realized that it helped women get pregnant but I have another friend PCOSer that got pregnant 3 times after starting Glucophage. She got her tubes tied!! (I cannot imagine having a STERILIZING Surgery)