Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easter Sunday

Becca and I started out exploring the goods left by the beloved Easter Bunny. I asked her/him (seriously, boy or girl?) to at least give a nod to the religious nature of the big day by going with the Noah's Ark Little People set. It's biblical, at least, right? One problem with it, though: all the animals that came with the set came in twosies, twosies - except the humans! That's right, there's Noah, but no "Noah's wife" (who is affectionately known as "Sally," thanks to the young Ashley Bienvenu's insistence that her character in the children's musical be given a name)! I've swiped the mom from the Little People Open and Close SUV set (another favorite) and placed her on the ark. Phew. For a minute there, I thought the human species had indeed been wiped out. Disaster averted. Anyway, B loved waking up to new toys, especially new Little People (appropriate, right?). Daddy was already at church (big day at work for him!), but I guess we'll have to get used to that or have a talk with the Easter Bunny about visiting later in the day.

Becca and I eventually made it to church ourselves (purposely late this time so as to avoid a fair amount of the germ-passing that goes on before the service), and Nana Dana, G-Diddy, and I have fun wrangling a busy girl whilst trying to pay attention to the sermon. It could have been distracting, but then again, what speaks more of God's promise of new life than a squealing little miracle in your lap? Afterwards, we came home to the parsonage and speed-cooked an Easter feast, pausing for some awkward family pictures. Turns out it's a challenge to get a nice family Easter picture with a tired and hungry toddler who just wants to get down and ruin her tights and dress by crawling in the wet grass. Oh well. I must have no shame, because here they are - they may show up on, but you saw them here first!

At least in the one with Nana Dana and G-Diddy, Becca was happy! Here we appear to be torturing her.

After dinner, I managed to capture some happy shots. You can kind of even see her Easter dress - a nearly new Gymboree fancy dress that I snagged for $4!

It was a great Easter for the Hill family! We especially appreciate the grandparents making the trek to be with us, as we are never able to travel for Holy Week or Easter. It's always special to be able to celebrate with family, so big thanks to ND and G-D for spending 2 days in the car just to spend 2 days with us! I hope all of you readers had a great holiday yourself and are still enjoying this Easter season! Alleluia!


  1. The Easter Bunny ("he," I think) comes to our house on Saturday so that Daddy can be with us. It's jumping the gun liturgically (so maybe we should wait till Sunday afternoon in the future) but for us its fun!

  2. At our house, the Easter Bunny (a boy) fills up the empty Easter baskets that the boys leave outside their bedroom doors on Saturday night. Since the Easter Bunny knows our kids are PKs, he leaves them some sort of religious-type book (you know, one that soothes the guilt of their preacher's wife mother who agonizes over whether to even be doing Easter Bunny stuff at all - LOL!), minimal candy, and usually a small stuffed animal. We get Easter Bunny stuff out of the way first thing in the morning, and usually by the time we leave for church at 9:45, they have forgotten about what they got. *insert momma's eyeroll here* :)