Friday, June 19, 2009

Just because she's cute...

...and I don't have time for words right now.

From our trip to D.C. back in May - at lunch with Katy, Sarah, and Hunter:

Becca May 2009 098

And at the Natinoal Zoo - clearly Hunter liked it better than Becca!

Becca May 2009 065

And cozy with Sarah and Hunter in his nursery:

Becca May 2009 093

Oh, to be a Methodist preachers' kid in June...watching Baby Einstein while I packed the car for the FIRST Annual Conference of the summer:

Becca late May to early June 007

And at the hotel - "Mom, you're not REALLY going to bathe me in here, are you?"  (No; we took her bathtub with us.  Now a necessary item, even if it isn't travel-friendly.)

Becca late May to early June 009

So glad to be back home and back to the routine:

 Becca late May to early June 013

Sitting up like a big girl in the outfit she picked out herself - she LOVES red and polka dots!

Becca late May to early June 027

Getting educated by watching CBS Evening News with Katie Couric during her dinner:

Becca late May to early June 028

On to Annual Conference #2 - hanging out in her "boat" while we loaded the car at the end of our 4th trip this month:

Becca late May to early June 030

Sitting in her other "boat," playing with Oliver the Octopus that her Great-great-aunt Susie gave her - she loved it so much that she refused to look up for several minutes!  (Again, with the red polka dots, right?)

Becca late May to early June 035

This is her new sand and water table from her Nana and G-Diddy.  Note that it is not really a table now b/c it has no legs b/c Becca is tiny.  Pretty sure that she won't be able to reach it when it is fully set up until she is gearing up for Kindergarten.  But she had a blast with it anyway!  Not every kid gets to sit IN her water table.  There are perks to being itty bitty.

Becca late May to early June 038

My eldest child has discovered the boppy:

Becca late May to early June 046

Eating is still a challenge, so I gave up the other day and just let her play in her pears:

Becca late May to early June 049

By the end of it, Becca was so covered in food that Sasha stalked her until I undressed her and gave Sasha her clothes to clean off.  Sasha wouldn't let Buster near her.  Sasha is what you call "highly food-motivated." 

Becca late May to early June 073


  1. Such a big girl! I love the pic of Sarah with the babies! So glad she likes her water and sand thingy!

  2. I LOVE this post, love all her big smiles! She is so cute! And I LOVE her in the water table, that suit and hat is too cute, she looks like she is having the best time!

  3. She is so precious!!! She has excellent taste too- polka dots are my favorite and the theme of my yet to be born babies nursery. And the fact that Fred gets called G Diddy is just too cute. My Dad got stuck with PePaw.